Sudeepto Bose

Compositing Artist (VFX/CGI).


Design and Implementation of Visual Effects for Films and Ad. Films. Basic understanding of Image Processing & digital film pipeline. Train compositors on Basics, share techniques, Troubleshoot issues & Optimization of Workflows, Team Player.

VFX shot analysis and strategic planning, VFX breakdown, Color Management, Write Digital Assets & Automating Utilities,  Sequence quality and consistency check,  VFX Design & Look Dev.

My basic role during any professional involvement requires me to deliver the Raw + Design Approach + Educate Team + Troubleshoot(Create Macros & utilities) + Get Approvals.

My journey ensures mainly Films and Television resembling estimable standard of technical & creative skills.

I prefer to entwine in meetings with team & clients in order to perceive their vision & immunizing the definition of the subject.

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